Welcome To z3ro Solutions!

At z3ro, we're dedicated to ensuring a holistic and timely approach to firearms training.

We bring over 15 years of firearms experience and training to the range and classroom. Our desire is to equip the end user, to make each student a more savvy study, one who understands the "why's" so that their time and investment see's a maximum return.


Chad M. -Owner/Chief Instructor
"Fightin's fightin..."

Training for the fight of your life is an important, all encompassing venture that should permeate your job, your way of life.   If you didn't feel challenged by your training, you weren't learning.  Your brain should sweat as much as your body. 

Adjunct Instructors

z3ro Solutions, LLC Firearms Training  rolodex of capable and talented instructors is chock full of talent.  As a  small business we will be calling upon these talented peers to help round out the learning experience of the student shooters on an as-needed basis. 

***currently z3ro Solutions is scheduling courses, please make any inquiries at the Contact Us page***