Welcome To z3ro Solutions!

At z3ro, we're dedicated to ensuring a holistic and timely approach to firearms training.

We bring over 15 years of firearms experience and training to the range and classroom. Our desire is to equip the end user, to make each student a more savvy study, one who understands the "why's" so that their time and investment see's a maximum return.

What is z3ro?

z3ro takes its name from the background of its founder and owner.  Pronounced "zero-three", which is the USMC occupational field identifier for the infantry.   The name z3ro Solutions harkens back to our history of fixing problems with infantry or grunt solutions. 

Professionally, the owner's background is that of a Marine grunt who served in an Amphibious Raid Company.  That Grunt took his drive and experience and excelled as a professional stuntman for 5 1/2 years both in live action and film work.  Injuries lead to a career change and Gunsmithing became his new avenue to seek national service.  After a short stint in the firearms industry,  he abruptly left when his dream was realized at the US Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security.  There he served DEAV as an Armorer and finally the Firearms Training Unit as a Senior Instructor. 

z3ro Solutions was born out of necessity when the owner was approached by LWRCI to teach their armorer courses.  As of July 2013,  z3ro Solutions is now the full focus of its owner.